The utmost care is given to avoid vaccinosis in our dogs and puppies as well as keeping them completely free of parasites. Our puppies are  each given a tremendous amount of personal attention and frequent, gentle handling to ensure that they are leaving for their new homes fully ready for socialization and new adventures. Our puppies are weaned onto organic home made food, and never, ever eat commercial dog food; this, among other things, helps ensure that their health and immune system get the best possible start for life.


Vaccinations are given to puppies at ages six weeks and eight weeks and continue until they are sold. De-worming is provided bi-weekly starting at five weeks of age and continues on an appropriate schedule until they are sold.


Puppies leave for their new homes with their AKC registration completed. All the owner is required to do is to transfer the puppy's papers, which are provided with each puppy, into their own name. Please note that owners are responsible for all fees payable to the AKC and any other registrar of their choosing. All puppies are sold with limited registration. Once the dog has reached two years of age, has received all of his or her health clearances, and has received a championship in any activity from any registrar, we will change their AKC registration from limited to full once the balance for the price listed for that puppy for AKC full registration has been received. All prices for both limited and full AKC registration are listed with each litter.


A deposit of $500 is required to hold any puppy. Deposits not received within 48 hours will allow the puppy to be sold to any other suitable owner. Deposits once received are not refundable. The balance, including any travel fees, and a signed contract are due two weeks prior to the puppy going home.


Our puppies are micro-chipped prior to being sent home including puppies sold internationally, which is required for export; the additional fees for this process and registration are paid for by the owner. In my experience, micro-chipping a puppy before four or five months of age generally results in the microchip traveling down the shoulder to finally come to rest somewhere in the chest area. In general, people do not scan this area and if lost, the dog might not be recognized as being microchipped. We highly recommend scanning at six months of age to evaluate the chip's location. Any veterinarian can do this for you.


Under no circumstances do we ever ship a puppy less than eight weeks old. All travel and shipping costs are to be paid by the owner. Full payments for shipping are due two weeks prior to the shipping date. Because of fluctuating airline costs and policies, we cannot provide you with a fixed cost for shipping, but we will let you know what the cost will be three weeks before the puppies’ departure. Puppies are shipped in crates which are airline approved; we will provide the crates, but the owner must pay the cost of the crate.


The contract is an essential part of buying a puppy from us; please read it over before committing to buy a puppy from us. The contract can be downloaded here (link pending).

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