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The "A" Litter: The Miracle Litter

On October 2, 2019, artificial insemination was performed on Kiki, bred by Kimberley Roberson. The semen used was collected approximately 20 years ago from my first Terv, Hogan (Winjammers Right Face), bred by Pat Morgan (deceased). This breeding is literally reaching back into time by two decades, because, as all breeds do, Belgian Tervuren have changed slightly over that time. Of the utmost importance is that the sire of this breeding goes back to Tervuren Foundation Stock. The breeding implications and potential of these puppies are profound. I have waited two decades for this breeding; life (and veterinary medicine) kept getting in the way. The joy of finally seeing these puppies with my own eyes is beyond my ability to express in words.

Hogan (Winjammers Right Face) was a beautiful, large, gentle, and tremendously brilliant dog; he stood slightly over 25 inches at the shoulder. His working drive was phenomenal, and during his life he learned to herd sheep, do obedience, play flyball, perform agility, swim, and he passed at age 16. This breeding for me is less about sentiment than it is about getting his genes back into the Tervuren genetic pool. Owners who receive his puppies will be encouraged to breed them, but that is not a requirement for ownership. If a prospective buyer has no plans to show, compete, or breed it is not a disqualification for being considered for placing one of these very special puppies; my most important criteria is the type of home they go to and the role they will have in those homes.

Kiki (Que Sera Sera Roberson) was bred by Kimberly Roberson, and AKC Breeder of Merit who has been breeding since 1976. Kiki's sire was Aramis, who was in every way as magnificent, intelligent, and truly special as Hogan; they were in the same class of dog. Kiki is focused, extremely intelligent, has a high desire to please, will pick things up that I drop and hand them to me, loves swimming, and is in every way a healthy, lively Tervuren with beautiful structure and temperament. She has exactly the temperament described in the Breed Standard: Protective, but not aggressive; "lively with a curious mein".  Her coloring is gorgeous. One might call her a love sponge. I expect the puppies from this litter to be excellent and loving family dogs.

Although a Tervuren is just as happy lounging around unless you want them to do something with you, they will only be sold to homes who consider their dog to be a family member, not a "pet". It MUST be a central part of your life, and should accompany you whenever possible. Every puppy comes with a book covering a wide variety of topics and a lifetime of veterinary and training advice.

Delivered December 3, 2019, the "A" litter gave us seven beautiful, healthy, active, strong and chubby puppies: 3 boys and 4 girls.


Winjammer's Right Face

Call Name Hogan

AKC DL611068/02 (omit the "/02" for searches)

Date of Birth July 12, 1995

OFA BT-2842G26M-T; rated GOOD


PennHip Not performed

CERF BT-1823

Thyroid Normal

No known history in pedigree of stomach cancer, eye disease, seizures, or hip/elbow dysplasia

Bite Scissors

Brucellosis Negative


DNA: Typed, profile V132155; Registrar AKC

Photographs CLICK HERE


Que Sera Sera Roberson

Call Name Kiki

AKC DN38285304

Date of Birth November 14, 2013



PennHip 70th percentile

CERF Pending

Thyroid Normal

No known history in pedigree of stomach cancer, eye disease, seizures, or hip/elbow dysplasia

Bite Scissors

Brucellosis Negative


DNA: Pending

Photographs CLICK HERE




The Naming Rules


1) The name can start with "A", or refer to a miracle in some way, or both.

2) The registered name starts with "White Whisker's Hogan's".


(Collar color BLUE): Male: SOLD; White Whisker's Hogan's Miracle (Neo)
'Neo' means 'new', and he is indeed Hogan's miracle.

(Collar color GREEN): Male: SOLD; White Whisker's Hogan's Faelan Ashriel Grey Wolfe (Ash)

"Hogan means Young, so we decided on Faelan which is Irish for Young Wolf. To incorporate the A litter and miracle theme we chose Ashriel which is gods promise. Grey Wolfe obviously because he is the newest member of the Grey Wolfe family."

(Collar color LIGHT BLUE): Male: SOLD; White Whisker's Hogan's Portent (Call Name Pending) 
A portent is an omen of something miraculous, and we believe this boy will be just that. Aslan s a major character in C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia series. He is the only character to appear in all seven books of the series. C.S. Lewis often capitalises the word lion in reference to Aslan since he parallels Jesus Christ. (Wikipedia)

(Collar color YELLOW): Female: SOLD; White Whisker's Hogan's Amari (Mari)

Amari means "gift from god"

(Collar color ORANGE): SOLD;  White Whisker's Hogan's Taliah (Tali)

"Taliah is of Hebrew origin and means, Gentle Dew from Heaven.  Her everyday on the walk name will likely be "Tali"."

(Collar color PURPLE): Female: SOLD;  White Whisker's Hogan's Alani (Lani)

Alani means "cherished child" or "dear child"; Lani means "bright shining one".

(Collar color RED): Female: SOLD;  White Whisker's Hogan's Aminta (Minta)

 The name Aminta is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "defender".

red girl, 5 weeks old: jan 7 2020

purple girl, 5 weeks old: jan 7 2020


the puppy pit video: january 7, 2020; 5 weeks old

puppy stampede! video: january 2, 2020; 4 weeks old

photos: january 1, 2020; 4 weeks old

photos: less than 4 weeks, assorted ages

light blue boy (7 weeks)

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