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Tervuren Pack Ozzy

Tervuren Pack Ozzy (TPO) is the name of the pack featured on this website. This site contains media (including the widely acclaimed Terv Team Five video), photographs, the now-famous Angry Vet series of videos, a blog, TPO comix, and a variety of silliness. This site is free but is membership only and is limited to close friends and White Whisker customers.

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VetRef is a veterinary website full of easily understandable information, including emergency first aid instructions for nearly any situation, nutritional information, and a wide variety of reference materials about parasites, vaccinations, neurological development, and a lengthy list of topics written for non-veterinarians interested in learning more to keep their beloved canine companion as safe as possible for as long as possible. This website has already saved at least three dogs' lives. This site is free but is membership only and is limited to friends, associates, and White Whisker customers.

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Kimberley Roberson has been breeding Belgians since 1976. She is an AKC Breeder of Merit, and is Ozzy's, Kiki's, and Bayla's breeder, and produces exceptional Belgians with every litter. She is located in California.

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Located in Arizona, Grey Wolfe Belgians' last litter sold in under 24 hours. They are exceptional breeders with beautiful Belgians, and some of our breeding plans are cooperative.

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