Life at white whisker kennels

Our dogs do not live in kennels; they are family members and live with us; we do not treat them like livestock whose sole purpose is to be bred and to produce puppies.


To keep our dogs in peak and mental condition and in top health we feed a locally sourced, organic, home made diet and engage in a variety of activities which depend on the season. There are a number of reasons for feeding cooked food instead of commercial dog food, but the main reason is that I have found that dogs who eat cooked, real food are simply healthier, have fewer health problems as they get older, and are able to be active longer.


Our dogs engage in daily activities not just because we love doing things together, but dogs who are kept occupied and in peak physical condition are simply healthier and happier, and that's my goal.


They swim from early June to about the end of October...every single day. 


Agility takes place from May to November, but is suspended during the height of summer.


The dogs absolutely love to mush, or pull a sled through the snow. This is usually between December and March.


We practice obedience training year round.

Tracking & Nosework

As the seasons permit.

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