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White Whisker Kennels breeds exceptional quality Belgian Tervuren and Groenendael puppies whose championship lines originate from both Europe and Hungary.

Our Belgians have superior bloodlines, capability, temperament, and superbly high intelligence.



Our dogs are not kept in kennels, but live with us as part of our family. They are kept in peak physical condition with constant activity, training, and exercise. They are fed a diet of organic homemade food, locally sourced here in Maine,  and are never fed commercial dog food. This ensures optimum health which is passed on to the puppies.

Fully health screened and tested, and DNA typed, the results for all our dogs are always clearly posted on this website. Whenever possible, we evaluate hips using both the OFA and PennHip methods which completely ensures the absence of any dysplasia in our puppies. To ensure optimum immune health, our dogs never receive more than one single vaccine within a two-week period.

We strive to match the puppies with suitable homes and owners who will make their Belgian a family member and central to their lives. Please feel free to look around the site, and please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for your interest in White Whisker Kennels.

Mico Nelson, DVM

I'm a retired veterinarian who has owned dogs for over 30 years and Belgian Tervuren (and more recently, Groenendael) for over 20 years. The transition from veterinarian to breeder was a natural one for me, because I originally became a veterinarian because of dogs. Having both a combination of veterinary medicine, genetics, and veterinary nutritional backgrounds and a profound love for these magnificent dogs enables me to breed and raise beautiful, healthy Belgians.

I have personally had some absolutely horrible experiences over the years when trying to buy a Belgian. Know that here you will never be disrespected, insulted, spoken down to, infantilized, or have your desire for a dog used as a weapon against you. You will not be forced to spay or neuter your dog, nor have to fill out a multi-page questionnaire only to be refused, nor will you have to sign an unreasonable contract that demands you give up your rights to your dog.

That's not who we are, and that's not what we do.





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